About Britt


As a small child, Britt would delve so deeply into her private fantasy land (self-hypnosis), that she would be fully immersed in whole worlds that were rich and wonderful layers to add to her daily experience of life. It was these journeys where she first discovered that imagination was a powerful tool, not only for entertainment, but for creating desired change. 

In young adulthood, Britt made those far-fetched childhood fantasies a reality, by moving to Alaska. There she learned about homesteading, permaculture, traveling the world, treehouses, and dance performance. Her performance career landed her in Las Vegas, where she briefly worked in a hypnosis show, and became fascinated with how powerful hypnosis is.

After moving to Los Angeles to continue performing and teaching dance, Britt developed a successful career as a private chef and a burgeoning filmmaker. Shortly thereafter, Britt met her wonderful partner and future father of their child.  She decided to use her self-hypnosis skills for her own labor and delivery. It resulted in a very peaceful, and incredibly comfortable childbirth that inspired her to study hypnosis in a professional capacity. In 2017, Britt went through the excellent Internship Program at HMI in Tarzana, California. Since then, Britt has become a Master Hypnotist, Certified Hypnotherapist, member of the American Hypnosis Association, and the Hypnotherapist's Union, Local 472. Britt continues her lifelong studies of hypnosis through continuing education programs, and earning supplemental certifications, as well as by sharing her knowledge with others through workshops and presentations.

Britt looks forward to continuing her hypnotherapy journey, and sharing her unique ability to help her clients create desired shift.