Britt is a Certified Hypnotherapist, member of the American Hypnosis Association, and Hypnotherapist's Union Local 472. She specializes in Weight Loss, Sports Performance, Joyous Labor & Childbirth, Vocational Creativity, releasing Fears and Phobias, and more.


The effectiveness of hypnosis across platforms has allowed Britt to help her clients on multiple continents. Many people are surprised to find that hypnosis is just as effective via online conference and telephone as it is in person. In fact, over 95% of Britt’s close proximity clients opt to receive sessions in the comfort of their own home or office!

In addition to customized, one-on-one therapy sessions, each client has the option to receive a recording of their unique hypnotic session, plus a follow-up email with a recap of learnings, so that they can build their own customized hypnotherapy library, to use for reinforcement whenever they so desire. Unlimited email support is also included for every client.

"Thank you for allowing me to help you on your path to change.” -Britt Sheflin

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I highly recommend Britt Sheflin for hypnotherapy. It was a new concept for me. Britt explained everything thoroughly and really listened to my concerns. We worked through one of my debilitating fears I’d had since childhood. Each session left me relaxed and confident in each new step taken. Britt is patient, understanding, and very thorough. The entire process was helpful in many ways.
— Raven S.
After experiencing disturbing dreams, Britt came back with a detailed analysis that opened my eyes. Everything she revealed made so much sense. I will be reaching out again soon!
— Christine S.
My fear of elevators started to become increasingly inconvenient. I avoided trendy rooftop bars and walked up excessive amounts of stairs to get around my claustrophobia. I knew I wanted to make a change, but I felt like I needed help beyond my well-intentioned loved ones telling me to just get in the elevator! My sessions with Britt were indispensable to me, and I now have the ability to take the elevator if I feel like it. The fear no longer rules my decision making because of the tools we developed in my sessions. She is calming, insightful, nonjudgmental, and I am so grateful for her help.
— Sarah W.